The Athletic Musician

Stouffville Musicians' Clinic 1992-2023

After many years of practising in the UK and Ontario, physiotherapist-owner Barbara Paull has finally retired and her clinics are closed. However, Barbara will still be available virtually, offering consultations and advice, only for injured musicians. This is allowed by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario because injured musicians continue to request Barbara's advice as the author of the book she co-authored with violinist Christine Harrison:- "The Athletic Musician,...a guide to playing without pain" ISBN 0-8109-3356-5. This is available in the libraries of most Faculties of Music. Barbara's consultation fees are no longer covered by private healthcare insurance plans and any musicians who need physiotherapy treatment will now be referred to a licensed physiotherapist with the necessary healthcare insurance coverage. We are grateful to all the musicians who have attended our workshops or visited our Musicians' Clinics for help with playing-related injuries. You are such special people, uplifting and sustaining human spirits everywhere with your wondrous gift, abilities and endless hard work. Thank you.